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a contractor Unity developer and generalist's portfolio….

2010 – 2011

Living Artz

Worked with Living Artz on a major 3D online virtual community project that recreates realistic physical environments into a virtual 3D experience for users with varying learning capabilities as a real world training environment developing life lessons and social skills.

I was a member of a large international team of Unity freelancers and 3D artist and animators put together by Living Artz. I was one of 3 Unity developers and my task was UI, NPC AI, Character Controller and Environmental Interaction coding and asset pipeline wrangling. That is, taking the work down by the artist and animators and bringing it into Unity and making it play nice with our code.

Tools: Photoshop, Maya, modo and Unity.

We also used a SVN (Subversion) server heavily with our large Unity Project folders as we were all spread across the globe.

Language: C#.



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