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Archive for March, 2012

2012 – Middle’Em


My first iDevice game release on the AppStore.

The problem with being a busy freelancer is I don’t get much time to do my own work. So I found a simple little game concept and released it on the AppStore. Just for the experience.

Tools: modo and Unity.

Language: C#.

2012 – Splitterguy – iOS

2D Project

I have been contracted to produce a reusable 2D project for iDevices in Unity. This project needs to be artist friendly and reusable by just swapping tile sets. I also wrote a custom Mario type character controller and simple reusable enemy AI and puzzle code.

I did this using some off the shelf 2D sprite engines available for Unity and then wrote a custom importer for the open source application Tiled so that could be used to create the levels.

It currently runs on iPhones and iPads using only 8-10 draw calls.

View in the Editor:

Tools: Unity, Tiled and XML.

Language: C#.

2011 – Skooglish


Interactive english learning tool. Will be delivered as a web player and it connects into Google Translations services using their paid API package.

Hardest part of this project was trying to figure out how to display complex UTF languages using Unity’s rather primitive UI tools.

Tools: modo, Unity and PHP.

Language: C#.

2011 – ArchViz

Clockwork Beehive

I was contracted by Clockwork Beehive to create a realtime 3D Architectural Visualisation in Unity using its built-in Beast Lightmapping toolset.

Tools: modo and Unity.

Language: C#.

2011 – FPS

First Person Shooter – Commercial Prefab

I was contracted to code a AAA quality First Person Shooter controller. This was going to be sold as a Prefab package by GamePrefabs. I completed the project, they were very happy but I have no idea in what form it was released to the public or how….

Also please forgive the developer’s placeholder artwork!

Tools: Unity.

Language: C#.

2010 – 2011

Living Artz

Worked with Living Artz on a major 3D online virtual community project that recreates realistic physical environments into a virtual 3D experience for users with varying learning capabilities as a real world training environment developing life lessons and social skills.

I was a member of a large international team of Unity freelancers and 3D artist and animators put together by Living Artz. I was one of 3 Unity developers and my task was UI, NPC AI, Character Controller and Environmental Interaction coding and asset pipeline wrangling. That is, taking the work down by the artist and animators and bringing it into Unity and making it play nice with our code.

Tools: Photoshop, Maya, modo and Unity.

We also used a SVN (Subversion) server heavily with our large Unity Project folders as we were all spread across the globe.

Language: C#.



2010 – Museum Victoria

Museum Victoria

I was sub-contracted by another Unity developer who needed help to complete this rather interesting kiosk based Unity multimedia project. With my previous experience doing these sorts of things for various organisations over the years I was glad to help.

The only real technical hurdle was trying to get Unity working properly with the Windows based touchscreen software. As the client wanted the interactions to be similar to what people are use to with the Apple iPhone. As the touchscreen wasn’t multi-touch compatible it was was a challenge to get a good interaction model up and working that everyone was happy with!

Even though I’m only showing one critter for example of work done. There were a total of 4 different critters each running on their own kiosk. So I had to make a Unity standalone that read in a settings XML that could be set by the museum’s System Admin. So one app compile, then distributed across a network to each individual kiosk and then their XML settings file set so that app displayed the required critter. KISS.

Combination of 2D UI and 3D realtime.

Tools: Photoshop, Lightwave 3D and Unity.

Language: C# and XML.

2010 – MMO

Small MMO Proof-Of-Concept

TecStar approached me off the Unity Forum – they are based in the UK – to get a Dating MMO built up as a Proof-Of-Concpet so they can take it around various dating sites and try to get additional funding. Last I heard (as I had to move on to other jobs) they got funding to progress it further along from this initial stage.

I also had to do test website for it, and connect the standalone Unity player with the website’s backend. For this I used PHP and MYSQL using my own custom CMS I have been developing for several years over various projects.

Unfortunately I can’t show any in-game shots as the test server is no longer running and I can’t log in.

Tools: Photoshop, Maya, modo, Unity and SmartFoxServer.

Language: Unity Script (JS).

2009 – MIC

MIC Marine Inspector Cleaner

Must admit this was one of my favourite Unity projects. It was interesting and technically challenging. And the client was very happy!

Major technical hurdle was how to represent a dirty underwater net and then show the little robot cleaning it in 3D and maintain a reasonable realism… one word… RenderTextures!

It also uses procedurally generated net and mesh deformer.

Take it for a test drive yourself here: micmarine.com.au

Tools: Photoshop and Unity.

Language: C#.


Museum of Old and New Art

Ongoing project, part-time.

From mid 2009 onwards I have been working on a realtime 3D architectural visualisation and curator’s design tool. This involved many many hours optimising a huge data set that was exported from Autocad which weighed in at around 2 million polygons down to around 200k.

Then I had to use SQLite as a local database within Unity to store all the artworks that could be potentially placed by a curator as they went about designing a new exhibition.

As of 2014 I’m still doing small additions and updates to the core application on a part-time basis.


Tools: Photoshop, Maya, modo, SQLite and Unity.

Language: C#.



From early 2007 to mid 2008 I relocated to Melbourne, Australia to work in a small Indie Game Studio called Sector3. There I was the lead game developer and we used Unity 3D as the tool of choice for our small casual shareware games.

My duties included; game design, programming, UI design, DRM implementation that both worked on Mac and Windows and Web backend integration.

In my time there we released 3 games, with two of them using Unity’s fledgling Networking abilities.

Games can be found here:


Tools: Photoshop, modo, Unity, PHP and MySQL.

Language: Unity Script (JS).

2007 – TPN

 Tasmanian Polar Network – “The Way South”

Even though not done in Unity I like the design so I added it here as an example of my UI design skills. Which I don’t get to use much these days as a freelance Unity Developer!

Tools: Photoshop, After Effects and iShell.


2006-07 – AAD

Australian Antarctic Division – “Visit an Australian Antarctic Station” Interactive Kiosk

I made some interactive kiosks using photographic panoramas of Australia’s Antarctic Stations using Unity. I ended up using Unity as I could create a standalone application that didn’t need any other 3rd party software, i.e. Apple Quicktime. Also it had a side-effect of better performance on lower end PCs found in schools at the time.

Combination of 2D UI and 3D realtime.

Tools: Photoshop, Lightwave 3D and Unity.

Language: Unity Script (JS).

2007 – Kiosk and Webplayer

Web design and development was my major bread and butter work in 2007. But where I could I still managed to squeeze in some Unity projects.

Interactive Exploration of the seamounts off the cost of Tasmania.

Small web player game.

Combination of 2D UI and 3D realtime.

Tools: Photoshop, Maya and Unity.

Language: Unity Script (JS).

2006 – TMAG

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG).

Islands To Ice Exhibition

I was contracted to supply multimedia interactive displays and hardware. I had to take raw content and storyboards supplied by TMAG and create several different kinds of interactive displays. Ranging from screens driven by push buttons and trackballs and touchscreen based multimedia presentations. I also had to supply the hardware and I created a wireless administration tool that allowed the Apple Mac Minis to be shutdown at night and automatically startup in the morning.

Combination of 2D multimedia using After Effects and iShell and 3D realtime using Unity.

Tools: Photoshop, Lightwave 3D, After Effects, iShell, RealBASIC and Unity.

Language: iShell, RealBASIC and Unity Script (JS).

Used custom hardware controls soldered / wired to Ultimarc components and connected via USB to the various Mac Minis.

2006 – Bridgewater Bridge Simulation

First major job done in Unity:

Bridgewater Bridge Simulation.

Combination of 2D UI and 3D realtime.

Tools: Photoshop, Lightwave 3D and Unity.

Language: Unity Script (JS).

Other developer invloved: Matt Daniels. formula7.com


2006 – Antarctic Adventure

Unity work done in 2006 was few and far between. But I did manage to complete one major project in Unity. A conversion of an old Shockwave 3D project to Unity, using v1.0!

Antarctic Adventure – Aurora Australis Simulator

Combination of 2D UI and 3D realtime.

Tools: Photoshop, Lightwave 3D and Unity.

Language: Unity Script (JS).

Other developer invloved: Matt Daniels. formula7.com