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2006 – TMAG

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG).

Islands To Ice Exhibition

I was contracted to supply multimedia interactive displays and hardware. I had to take raw content and storyboards supplied by TMAG and create several different kinds of interactive displays. Ranging from screens driven by push buttons and trackballs and touchscreen based multimedia presentations. I also had to supply the hardware and I created a wireless administration tool that allowed the Apple Mac Minis to be shutdown at night and automatically startup in the morning.

Combination of 2D multimedia using After Effects and iShell and 3D realtime using Unity.

Tools: Photoshop, Lightwave 3D, After Effects, iShell, RealBASIC and Unity.

Language: iShell, RealBASIC and Unity Script (JS).

Used custom hardware controls soldered / wired to Ultimarc components and connected via USB to the various Mac Minis.