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2010 – Museum Victoria

Museum Victoria

I was sub-contracted by another Unity developer who needed help to complete this rather interesting kiosk based Unity multimedia project. With my previous experience doing these sorts of things for various organisations over the years I was glad to help.

The only real technical hurdle was trying to get Unity working properly with the Windows based touchscreen software. As the client wanted the interactions to be similar to what people are use to with the Apple iPhone. As the touchscreen wasn’t multi-touch compatible it was was a challenge to get a good interaction model up and working that everyone was happy with!

Even though I’m only showing one critter for example of work done. There were a total of 4 different critters each running on their own kiosk. So I had to make a Unity standalone that read in a settings XML that could be set by the museum’s System Admin. So one app compile, then distributed across a network to each individual kiosk and then their XML settings file set so that app displayed the required critter. KISS.

Combination of 2D UI and 3D realtime.

Tools: Photoshop, Lightwave 3D and Unity.

Language: C# and XML.