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2010 – MMO

Small MMO Proof-Of-Concept

TecStar approached me off the Unity Forum – they are based in the UK – to get a Dating MMO built up as a Proof-Of-Concpet so they can take it around various dating sites and try to get additional funding. Last I heard (as I had to move on to other jobs) they got funding to progress it further along from this initial stage.

I also had to do test website for it, and connect the standalone Unity player with the website’s backend. For this I used PHP and MYSQL using my own custom CMS I have been developing for several years over various projects.

Unfortunately I can’t show any in-game shots as the test server is no longer running and I can’t log in.

Tools: Photoshop, Maya, modo, Unity and SmartFoxServer.

Language: Unity Script (JS).