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2014 – Virtual Yallourn

Another one of those take from Flash and give to Unity jobs. This is a web-player based app that displays and allows editing of all the houses and shops that use to exist at a Victorian township called Yallourn, that is now a large open cut mine.

I was asked by the original developer of the Flash app to convert it to Unity. It already had a very large data set living on the DB all using 2D screen based coordinate system. So the first technical challenge was to convert that into a usable Vector3 system to use within Unity.

From a Unity generalist point of view the most technical challenge was getting the Unity Terrain item to play nice with the houses and the map image data I had. For that I used custom splat maps and triplanar shader.

All interactions with the web-service is done using JSON, CRUD and REST.


Once the app goes live I will supply a link so you can see it for yourself.

Tools: Unity, Maya, WebServices.

Language: C#, JSON, MySQL, PHP and RESTful.

2014 – Drowhurts

Yes strange name. But this proof-in-concept was something I was contracted to provide. It is an example of a site to upload virtual online stores where the user can browse products on shelves and add them to their shopping cart and then check out via a payment gateway. Currently the system uses Stripe.

I also had to create all the server backend to allow new users to upload shops as Unity web-players and then images etc to get their store to run on the site.

One of the real challenges of this project was to settle on the best approach for handling the large data set within Unity and linking that with data pulled via REST from the server.





Tools: Unity, Modo, Webservices.

Language: C#, JSON, MySQL, PHP and RESTful.